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With 2.32 billion people globally using smartphones daily, your company can reach new heights with the right mobile app. Not only does a professionally built app promote your business, it also helps it grow substantially, generating new streams of revenue and promoting repeat custom. Our in-house design and development team are experts in native mobile app development across the main mobile platforms: Android and iOS.

User Experience Design

We take a user-centric approach that seeks to understand and design for the context and goals of your users. We use a range of tools and methodologies to ensure the optimum user experience including user stories, wireframes, mock ups, prototypes and usability testing.

App Development Approach

We develop for iOS and Android Phone platforms using primarily native SDK approaches, depending on project's requirements and objectives.

Integrated, Cross-Platform Development

Mobile apps no longer exist in isolation and for many users their journey begins on one device type and continues on another. We are skilled in designing and developing for this new ‘multichannel’ environment, providing an integrated web, app and messaging experience.

Middleware and Backward Integration

We have extensive experience integrating our customers' backend applications and data. Our methodologies and middleware ensure that backend integration is achieved efficiently and securely.

Submission to App Stores

We help our customers to submit their apps to Google Playstore and Apple Appstore along with all the necessary assets.

Measurement and Analytics

Measuring and analysing user behaviour is key to ensuring that an app meets its objectives. We use a number of industry-proven analytics tools to track user behaviour and app performance against pre-defined KPIs.

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