Is your current hosting provider charging you too much? Is your site’s performance is lousy and you want to move to a better performing and cost effective host?

No matter what your site is made with (Joomla, Custom PHP, WordPress or HTML), we can assist you in handling the whole process seamlessly.

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If you need to migrate your site for whatever reason, we are here to help. We ensure that your site should have zero downtime during the migraiton process or at least as minimum as possible at a off-peak time.

This is how site migraiton works:

1. You send us the details of your site(s).

2. One of our team will contact you for any more info and to schedule the move. We will let you know the cost of hosting and our very competitive service charge. We will help you get into one of the best hosting in the world in terms of up-time, performance and price.

3. MetaKave will handle all of the messy details for you and let you know when the transfers are complete (usually super fast, within 1 or 2 days max, depending on the size of data etc.)

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