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There is no god but Allah. Allah, The God is ONE, without any partner. His vicegerent on earth, the mankind is One, irrespective of any colour. Colours do not divide men into races, rather it make the Oneness and the Unity of mankind colourful. Like, there is only "One Day" in 24 hours, though it has a shining day and a darkening night. The shining day has got a colourful "Dawn" before its emergence. So, has a night a colourful "Dusk" before its emergence. Do the coloured dawn, the bright day, the coloured dusk and the dark night make different days? Not at all ! So, likewise, the whites, the blacks and the coloured people do not make different races at all!

Mankind is one, as their Creator Allah is One, irrespective of their apparent colours and races. Allah, the God is One, a Singular, no dual or plurality is in Him. His Truth is one and fixed. It changes not. This is His Nature, the "Fitrah", He has created the Worlds in nuclear details, which accept no change.

This singularity of the Truth, this Fixedness of the Nature and the unchangeability of the Divine is the Faith, the Religion, The Deenullah, or the Religion of Allah (SWT). There is no plurality in Allah. So, there is no plurality in the Divine Faith and there is no believers and faithfuls of plural True faiths. Only the falschoods are plural or innumerable. When the Truth comes, the falsehood disappears, and the falsehood is ever bound to vanish.

The Religion of the Truth, is, Islam in Arabic. All Prophets from Adam down to Muhammad are the Messengers of Islam. Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus are the paramounts of the chain with Muhammad as the last and the final. There is no divided nationality or nationalism in the mankind of faith. Satan only divides mankind into nations under nations, and the human progeny of Satan governs those Nation States to Devilize the Divine.

The Prophets were sent by Allah (SWT) to unify again and again the divided mankind into their One Nation. Abraham came with a major reform of unity. Moses and Jesus followed him. But their followers became two nations, two races, Jewish and Christian, whereas, neither of them were a Jew nor a Christian, but were Upright Muslims of One Nation. Muhammad, a progeny of the mixed blood of Abraham and Hegar, was sent to unify the divided mankind again for good.

Though Muhammad was born out of an extreme racist Qureish couple, but Allah has cleaned him first making him a destitute orphan and then thoroughly rearing him by a bonded woman Barakah, like Hegar did to Ishmael, according to Judeo-Christian terminology. Muhammad (SAWS) did the job precisely and perfectly. He raised a nucleus of DIVINE HUMAN NATION by a Qureishi offshoot himself, Barakah an oppressed black maid, Zaid a victim of Arab barbarity, Bilal, a black slave, Ammar and Ibn Masood, oppressed Yeameni, Suhaib, a Roman slave and Salman of Persia. They were the 35 persons out of 40 who embraced the Message of Muhammad (SAWS) first.

Muhammad (SAWS) had to flee away from Makkah and the Makkan Qureish with his life and his message. The people of Yathrib, later Madinah, accepted him and gave refuge to him and his followers. Muhammad (SAWS) overran Makkah and Makkans, and the Arabs of entire peninsula, defeating the Qureish and their Jewish and the Christian allies. Muhammad (SAWS) had made Barakah his mother, Zaid and Usamah the Commander of his unified Army. He declared the inception and the perfection of his Mission and the Message, at his last pilgrimage before his death. He died, while he made his last and the largest mobilization of his Army, appointing Usamah the Commander-in-Chief, the teen-aged son of his beloved Barakah and Zaid. He died as Noah, Abraham and Moses died. But Makkans, especially the Qureish had corrupted his Message and the Mission, saying "The leadership is vested in the Qureish." as the Jews had corrupted the Message of Abraham (AS), saying, "they are the chosen race." May be due to ignorance or arrogance, may be both. But the both are unpardonable sins for the people of the Message. So, the Qureish are gone, Arabs are gone as Muslims. Rather they are at par with Jews and Christian as nations and races.

All Nation States, be it of Arabs, Jews, Christians, Hindus or so-called Muslims, are the States and the Nations of "Kufr" and imposture, Antichrist.

The only way to Salvation is the ONE NATION of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad peace be upon them, and the model is the Nucleus of Muhammad by Barakah, Zaid, Bilal, Suhaib, Salman and Usamah, not Arabs, Americans, Europeans and Asians, nor Sheiahs and Sunnis.

Rise for the zenith, or wait for the Deluge. The Armageddon is just ahead. This book is for the ultimate One Nation and its leadership. May Allah bless those who seek His blessings deservingly, before they desire. Ameen.

First E-Book Edition: Rabi al-Awwal 1438 AH, December 2016 CE

Publisher: MetaKave Publications, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Pages: 120

Price: E-Book is Free to Download

About the Author

Born in 1938, Chandpur in British ruled undivided India.

Imamuddin Muhammad Toaha bin Habib comes from a distinguised family of Islamic scholars of many generations and he himself received extensive training from his elders, distiguised teachers and leading personalities of his time. He emigraetd to Mecca and Medina in early seventies and stayed there for close to a decade and at that time he was shown the reality of Islam and the Divine Messengers and Prophets and he also got chance to research extensively the valuable archives on Islamic history. This book is a summarized English version of his primary work which in detail provide light on the development and failure of Islam from its early days and the role of various follows around the Prophet during and after his demise.

He currenty lives in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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