WEEKLY Top Tech News_19 Sept 2016

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iPhone 7 sales may reach 100m in 2016 due to Note 7 recall: Analysts

Apple may sell up to 100 million iPhone 7s by the end of the year thanks to better-than-expected initial sales, likely a direct result of rival Samsung’s recall of the Galaxy Note 7, South Korean analysts say. Korean component vendors for Apple expected a volume of 80 million to 85 million units, but this has jumped by between 17-25 percent to over 100 million by the end of the year, said IBK Investment & Securities analyst Lee Seung-woo. (source)

Latest iPhone 7 & Apple Watch Series 2 ads focus on water-resistant designs, fitness features


Following an earlier ad to build launch day hype for the new iPhone 7, Apple today has released a pair of new ads for its latest smartphone, as well as a new ad for the Apple Watch Series 2.  For the iPhone 7, the two new TV advertisements focus on the water-resistant capabilities of the device, as well as the camera’s improved low-light functionality. The new Apple Watch Series 2 ad continues Apple’s fitness push. (source)

India too bans use of Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 on flights

India has joined the United States, Australia, Singapore and others in prohibiting the use of Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 on its airlines. India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation has announced that travellers in the country should stop using the Note7 in flights. It further advised passengers to not pack or store the phone in their check-in baggage. India is not alone in banning the Note7 from its flights. The United States, Australia. Singapore, the UAE, Pakistan and the Philippines have also issued similar advisories for their respective airlines. (source)

Gmail goes down for some users, prompts social media freakout

Gmail experienced an outage for several hours during the U.S. workday Wednesday, and social media predictably freaked out. Users in the UK and U.S. appeared most affected during the period, with work-based Gmail proving an issue for some office-based workers. Google first said it was investigating reports of an issue at 8:16 AM PT Wednesday, and that users were being redirected to a page with ‘Service not available, contact your administrator. (source)

Microsoft’s adds Google Drive and Facebook photo integration


Pretty soon you’ll be able to send Facebook photos and Google Drive documents via email inside Microsoft’s adding some helpful new features to on the web. Over the next few weeks, Microsoft says it will add support for Google Drive and Facebook photos to, along with a fresh “attachments view” in conversations. When the new features are available they will be listed as an option under the attachment icon. (source)

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