Top 7 E-commerce Web Design Trends in 2016

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E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. As this is based on internet so you have to have a good looking website in order to compete with others. You can make your own website but it is better to follow some trends which gained success.

So here are gathered and rated in descending order of increasing top 7 E-commerce web design trends in 2016.

7 Large Backgrounds

Large pictures and video backgrounds already became a trend of modern E-commerce websites design especially in 2015, but still many follow it. It really helps brands in their storytelling and also makes easier to attract attention.


6 Long Scroll

It is already a trend for quite a long time. Almost everyone is accustomed to long scrolls and thank goes to mobile devices. Clicking in a mobile device can be an issue, but the scrolling is so habitually that you understand it on a hunch.


5 Motion animation

It is one of the newest and the coolest trend. Beautiful and nonstandard way of product demonstration using motion animation and giving your customers a good experience. This is very important for such industries where most of purchases are emotional (e.g. Fashion, gift shops, jewelry, etc.).


4 Card-like layouts

Card-like layout is one of the most popular pattern among all eCommerce design patterns. Cards are a way of organizing different topics or products in a way that is pleased to eyes and easy to use.


3 Material design

Material –it is the visual language and the whole design philosophy baby which was born from the Google bosom last year. Though this design style only now become a bit structured and really clear as for users as for designers. A promotion punch from its creators already made this design style a game-changer.


2 Flat design

While new design star – Material design conquers new heights of popularity and already become a standard for almost all mobile applications and for a lot of websites. Flat design is still very popular and becomes more a more refined to meet the requirements of modern users.


1 Responsive design

Nowadays that is really must have feature for any online store! It is important that the design of your website would be not only mobile friendly, but also should be displayed nice on any device at all. That’s because there’s an increasing trend towards browsing and shopping on high-res devices like TVs.


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