25 Tips for Transforming Your Blog and Dazzling Your Readers

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Blogging isn’t so much about writing blog posts as juggling dozens of little odds and ends, all of them important, all of them demanding your attention, and all of them requiring you to learn something. And it’s easy to drop the ball, so to speak, or even all of them. Not because you want to neglect anything, but because it’s …


Social Media Insider Tips

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Small business owners work hard engaging with customers on social media. But how do these platforms work hard to help you support your business? We asked for Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter what their need to know tips are to make the most of their platforms. FACEBOOK 1. Update Frequently A business should typically update their page 2-3 weeks. Experiment with …


6 Predictions for the Future of Wearable Tech and Social Media Integration

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1 / New social media platforms will emerge that cater to users of wearable devices Current social media integration on wearable devices tends to be limited to the receipt of notifications. This is largely due to the challenge that wearable tech presents, as the social media giants we know today were all designed for interaction to take place on screen-based …


Great Predictions for the Future of Social Media

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Once upon a time, there was no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Our lives did not revolve around a stream of status updates, tweets, videos and filtered photos. That was just 10 years ago. Since Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook in his Harvard dorm room on Feb. 4, 2004, we’ve seen social media evolve from a fad to a phenomenon that …


6 Hot Content Marketing Tips to Convert Website Traffic into Sales

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  Everyone wants to run a business website and be financially independent. Making good money online has become a trend nowadays. But if you are a beginner, the first thing you will look for traffic. Traffic is something which transforms everything. By everything, I mean, your website rank, sales, page views, etc. If you are able to generate a good …

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Negative Effects on Using Social Media

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Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace allow you to find and connect with just about anyone, from a coworker in a neighboring cube to the girl who played Emily in your high school production of “Our Town” thirty years ago. Browsing these sites can make you feel connected to a larger community, but such easy, casual connection in an …