Top 7 E-commerce Web Design Trends in 2016

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E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. As this is based on internet so you have to have a good looking website in order to compete with others. You can make your own website but it is better to follow some trends which gained success. So here are gathered and …


Most Popular E-Commerce Sites in Bangladesh & There Facebook Pages

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Web use in Bangladesh is developing at a quick pace.It prompts noteworthy changes in the way we go about our day by day lives. As a consequence of it, the e-business site is being well known step by step for some helpful elements to purchase and offer through web. E-trade locales in Bangladesh are attempting to do each conceivable thing …


10 Steps to Increase Your E-Commerce Site Speed

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Website speed matters. Fast-loading sites perform better on all fronts: better user experience, higher conversions, more engagement, even higher search rankings. If you’re after mobile traffic (everyone is), site speed becomes even more important. No one wants to download a 4MB website on their smartphone, but most sites are that way. Your website can be different.


E-Commerce Site Review: Aarong

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Aarong is one of the most popular fashion brand in Bangladesh. It becomes popular for its ethnic and traditional clothing style with modern presentation . Aarong reminds us our village life in a different artistic way. It has a large collection of  products. It is unique for its quality. The word Aarong means ‘village fair’ and the Aarong brand is …