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Facebook advertising provides marketers with a wealth of demographic information for advertising purposes. From age and gender to location, interests and “likes,” Facebook allows for very niche targeting. Combining demographics or likes, marketers can target very specific groups in Facebook. For example, an local retailer that sells cycle parts can target ads to Facebook members who live in that area and like subjects such as cycling, outdoor sports and other related topics.

Advantages of Facebook Advertising

  • Precise targeting of your potential client/ customer and reaching your target demographic in their comfort zone
  • Boost traffic to your website- more traffic equals to more sales
  • Low-cost and smart marketing strategy
  • Business information stream with text, images, videos, and even with animations
  • Regular conversation with the existing and potential customers
  • Help develop a strong brand
  • Ensure a strong social media presence
  • Good return on investment (ROI)

How We Can Help

While other social media advertising agencies might focus solely on engagement (such as how many likes an ad or page receives), our marketing strategy is driven by results that impact your company’s bottom line and campaign goal. We work with each of our clients individually to determine each organization’s unique goals. From here, we help you leverage Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities to reach and convert your customers and prospects. We offer beginning-to-end Facebook advertising management services, from defining your demographic target audience, to developing ad creative, to testing and optimizing, to in-depth measurement and conversion tracking.


Looking for a Professional Team for Your Facebook Marketing?

We not only will help setup your marketing and advertising campaign on Facebook but also will be with you in every step of the way.