CMS Site Migration & Security Audit

CMS are great to build websites on, but often when a CMS upgrade its version – if you dont upgrade as well then there is a big chance that your site may face hacking. Thats why securing your site before its too late is a smart move. As the demand for functionality of sites are increasing day by day and becoming more complex than ever, the security issue is an important factor. More and more websites are now based on Content Management System (CMS) which are regularly updated by their developers.

Those sites which are found to be still running on outdated CMS often becomes target of hackers and malware. Since a CMS update to a new version, all the security hole of previous version become available in public domain. This can invite hackers or bots to utilize these holes and attack sites. For this reason CMS migration to latest version and security loophole fixes are necessary.

CMS migration is not always very straightforward, specially if the site is based on very early version of CMS. It needs certain custom fixes, checking and providing various tailored solutions fittest for each site. At MetaKave we offer such migration and security fixes.

We do Joomla site migration which includes upgrading your outdated Joomla site, upgrade any extensions needed for compatibility or we redevelop them for you. 100% Style match with old site and make new site mobile friendly.

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