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Case Study: Women’s Dignity Website

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Recently we completed a project for Manusher Jonno Foundation. In this case study we are sharing our experience and a case study on this project and how it translated as a success to our client.

About the Client:

The client Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) started its journey in 2002 as a project of CARE and became an independent organization with NGOAB registration in 2006. MJF works in partnership with different stakeholders such as civil society organizations, NGOs, CBOs, government, private sector, research organizations etc. MJF, through its partners assists in building capacity of poor and marginalized groups for the fulfillment of their basic and fundamental rights and entitlements and raise voice against all violations. MJF works with duty bearers to ensure their responsiveness and accountability towards these groups.

About the Project:

The title of the project is Shoman Shoman (in Bangla) or Dignity through Equality. Their main purpose was to create awareness among the common people for women’s dignity and recognition of their valuable role in the society. The project realise that family, society, politics, economics, culture,and all the women have been playing a crucial role through the ages. But there is no recognition of this contribution and there is no measure. The targets of this campaign include: To change society’s attitude towards women and to acknowledge and recognize women’s contribution at family, society and state level.

case study by metakave

MJF wishes to make their campaign visible to greater audience so that the main purpose which is to create awareness can be addressed. MetaKave was contacted by their campaign agent Mattra, a leading advertisng agency of Bangladesh to built a website for their campaign Equality Through Dignity.

The goal of MJF wants to make an attractive website for their campaign. Since the audience is mostly women, they requires the website to have a feminine look. Also they wanted it to be contemporary in look, modern and also mobile friendly. It was also required to have a bi-lingual site, that is to have both Bangla and English version for the website.

From technical point of view MJF wanted to have a dynamic home page with latest project updates, activities to be listed, a rotating banner on top that can easily be updated, couple of contact forms where visitors can interact. Also MJF have an official Facebook page for this particular campaign and wanted the feeds from the Facebook to be visible. Along with Facebook the client wanted to have other social media such as youtube to be integrated.

There are also campaign materials that need to be shared in different format such as Video, Audio, Pictures etc. An FAQ section was also needed.


One of the challenge from design point of view was to come up with a design which is equally modern, contemporary and at the same time feminine in looks. Few design iterations were done. The advertising agency also provided us a design to begin with which were developed from non-web point of view and eventually that design didn’t work.

So our designers got into action and came up with a layout which suits the requirement. After it was approved by the client we move ahead to implement it.

Another challenge was to have the site user friendly enough so that even lay people can update content on a regular basis.

The client also wanted a feature so that guests can easily publish blogs from front-end.

 Case Study Shoman Shoman


Give all the requirement and the challenges we decided to use a Content Management System as the site’s architecture. Its quite user friendly, easy to update and also can be developed in mobile friendly way.

We did quite a lot of custom coding to make the site look as much as the client wanted. We modified the theme that we used quite extensively to match requirements. We used a number of plugins.

In the site we implemented a number of features including but not exhaustive: used slider, portfolio section, gallery tools for audio, video and a picture gallery, latest activity, contact page, facebook feed, FAQ section, and solidarity form.

To tackle the language challenge, we decided to implement two different version of the site independent of each other because the nature of the content are not exactly the same and just translation is not sufficient. The two site with two different language have different audience and hence needed independence.

We implemented a front-end publishing feature so that any visitor can register to the site and write and publish blogs. The blogs are moderated and only after admin approval they are published.

Overall we implemented all the requirements put forward by the clients.

case study by metakave

The campaign website has been a success for MJF. The site was demonstrated during the opening ceremony of the campaign by honorable President of Bangladesh. The site has been since used in various campaign phase and couple with its facebook page, the site is widely circulated and has a growing number of visitors.


You may visit the Women’s Dignity site here:  (English Version) (Bangla Version)


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