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WHAT IS UX? A user’s experience with a system with a system e.g. Websites, mobile apps, etc Includes Human-Computer Interaction Design UX addresses all aspects of services from the perspective of the computer. It essentially guides the interaction of the consumer with mobile apps and websites from both visual and functional perspective. UX FACTS AND STATUS 68% OF users leave …


11 Things You Should Stop Doing on Social Media

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After you’ve been blogging a while, you’ve surely come across things other people do on social that drive you nuts. As someone who’s been in marketing communications for years and years, I have extra Spidey senses when it comes to the way people communicate (which makes me not only hyperaware but also HYPER-PICKY). Sometimes I’m in awe of the sheer …

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SEO Copywriting

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13 tips for writing content that ranks in 2014 1. WRITE FOR HUMANS-OPTIMIZE FOR ROBOTS Its 2014- nobody wants to read SEO content, not even the search engines! Everything points to the fact that Google prefers natural content to obvious SEO stuff. Moreover, there’s no point in great rankings if your content doesnot convert. So focus on your flesh and …



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1. IDEA Initially, the ideas we form from a clients specification are somewhat vague. To develop our initial ideas into a workable app we create a user story by asking the questions, who, what and why? Once these questions have been answered, we can move on to prototyping. 2. PROTOTYPING Without creating a prototype, it’s difficult to visualize how the …


The SEO Pyramids

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Social On-Site User Engagement Features Social Media and Viral Marketing. Link Building Manual Request and Link Creation Scalable, Content-Based Link Strategies Keyword Research and Targeting Keyword Brainstorming Term/Phrase Selection On-Page Targeting (Titles, Metals, URLs, H1x, Text, Intemal Anchor Text) Accessibility, Quality Content Unique Text Content Internal Link Architecture Bot Accessibility Sitemaps URL Structure Server Response Codes     Sayma ShahrukhSayma …


Your Digital Marketing Road-Map

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WEB DESIGN A website is your identity, your brand online. Building a user friendly website is the first step to digital marketing success. RESPONSIVE DESIGN 67% of website users claim they are more likely to purchases from a mobile friendly website. LANDING PAGES Companies with 30 or more landing pages generate 7 times more leads than those with fewer than …


Social Media Insider Tips

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Small business owners work hard engaging with customers on social media. But how do these platforms work hard to help you support your business? We asked for Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter what their need to know tips are to make the most of their platforms. FACEBOOK 1. Update Frequently A business should typically update their page 2-3 weeks. Experiment with …