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What Will be Web Design Trends in 2015?

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Tech industry changes and moves very fast. As a part of tech industry, web design is no different, does the same thing, changes making it interesting, attracting, and realistic. Though web experts have given some predictions, as a web designer and developer, we are predicting some of the web design trend that will flourish or continue to flourish in 2015. Blog written by Subir Amin

Mobile Trends 2015

Future Predictions on Mobile Trends of 2015

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As we are closing 2014, Technology Gurus are already predicting about the future mobile trends that is upcoming in 2015 and beyond. Here we have collected top predictions that is about to come in the near future. Frequent Communications via Mobile App Mobile app developers are now working hard to find the right balance with it comes to communication with …


Mobile UI UX Design Trend of 2014 – Infographic

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  User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two fields which are changing rapidly due to technological advances. In this infographic made by MetaKave’s design team we have highlighted the major design trends in UI and UX during 2014. Infographics by MetaKave     Sadiq AlamSadiq is the Founder and Head of Ideas of MetaKave. He is a Tech …


What is the Difference between MicroData, Structured Data, Rich Snippets & Schema?

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In this infographic we are sharing the difference between Microdata, Structured data, rich snippets and schema. Infographic designed by MetaKave     Sadiq AlamSadiq is the Founder and Head of Ideas of MetaKave. He is a Tech Entrepreneur and MetaKave is his fourth Startup. He studied in Bangladesh, Singapore and USA. While he is not busy with his work he …


Web Development Trend of 2014

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The Web design community never gets tired of discussing previous, current and future trends… JUST Creative even posted a 2014 web design trends article a few months ago. But trends change like pictures in fashion magazines, so let’s take another look with a different approach. Trends we would like to see LESS of: Senseless scrolling Users scroll with particular purpose …


Paypal New Design – Free PSD Giveaway

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  Paypal revised its design recently and we asked our designer to create a PSD mockup of the new layout. So here is the Files for your download. You can modify it, create your own site’s design inspired by Paypal’s modern home page design. Sadiq AlamSadiq is the Founder and Head of Ideas of MetaKave. He is a Tech Entrepreneur …


Major Changes of Google Algorithm

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    Now a days Google is the mammoth in the web searching. Day by day they flourishing themselves by adding new features and updating services. Google is ruling over the world by the means of unique and innovative idea and their implementation. It also have massive financial support as well. PageRank Google’s rise to success was in large part …