Cave with a K
When the young men fled for refuge to the cave and said, “Our Lord, grant us mercy from Your Presence and provide us with right guidance in our affairs.”The Reminder, 18:10
Long long time ago there were few youths who had tremendous faith and due to that faith, their hearts were illuminated, the hearts had light. This light enabled them to distinguish vanity and falsehood from purpose and truth. They lived in a society which was increasingly consumed by falsehood and vanity and hence they were looking for a way out. Story goes that they finally separated themselves from the city of madness and took shelter in Kahf or a Cave. By Grace they were protected and interesting dimensions were opened to them. Eventually they survived the onslaught of illusion, deception and vanity. Truth prevailed over falsehood and falsehood perished, and falsehood is ever perishing.

When you have withdrawn from them and what they bow down to except Truth, take refuge in the cave, and your Lord will spread out His Mercy for you and provide you with ease in your situation.The Reminder, 18:16
MetaKave is a Tech Startup company which is inspired by the story of those youths of the Cave who are narrated in the ancient narrative as well as in the Last Testament, Quran. They are mentioned as the Companions of the Cave and Inscriptions. They took shelter in a cave and they probably inscribed in that Cave or took with them some inscriptions (writings, codex), we don’t know for sure, only the Knower knows the totality of truth.

MetaKave technically means “With the Kave.” Kave = Cave with a K. Kahf is the title of the  18th Chapter of the Last Testament. The Arabic word ‘Kahf‘ means cave. In spirit we look up to the youths of the cave who received special care from the Unseen and were provided Nourishment from the World of Unseen. Our intention with MetaKave remains the same and we trust in the Lord of the youths of the Cave for protection, sustenance, strength and guidance.


We are not a profit driven company. We believe in serving others with the best of sincerity. We are grateful to the Universe for giving us this means called MetaKave to serve you. Here are some of our core values.

We Believe that Technology should do Good

Technology can be used to produce more vanity than truthful purpose or usage. By truthful usage we mean towards doing good, not just making insane money or mindless business. This good can be translated as bringing service to people at ease, extending help to others, connecting and expanding consciousness. Speed, fast, doing more is not everything. In this age of technology we don’t want to be carried away by its vanities but would like to stay faithful to the mission of spreading goodness.

We Believe in Purpose

Design is both a verb and a noun, and MetaKave’s approach to Web Design has both perspectives. This is where aesthetics/ beauty meets form/ function. There needs to be a balance between the two. We’ll work with you to discover the best approach – always keeping your end-user at the center of the user experience. With a full design studio we strive to deliver any web project. Our goal is that we deliver what is necessary in terms of user interface (UI) to project your brand and enhance your user experience (UX), not a lot of extraneous stuff.

We don’t Like Wasting Money

Profit is not our #1 priority, our priority is getting the solution right for you at a competitive budget. That’s why we take this mission very seriously not to waste your money at all. We charge for only the hours we spend and surprisingly sometime even less than the actual hours spent. The reason we do that is because we want to keep the cost down on your end and we consider your gain as ours as well. Gain need not to be translated in monetary quantity only, it can be satisfaction, good will and your blessings.

We are Eager to Serve. We are Here to Serve

We believe that serving others is one of the best things one can ever do. In fact thats the only sane thing to do, everything else is from the disease of selfishness. As a company we are very eager to serve you, our clients and in our pursuit of service we even go further. We invest our time and resources to volunteer with our knowledge to those who can benefit much with technology. That’s why we work with non-profits and those who have barrier in adopting technology. We have developed websites and other services for others even without any remuneration or charge. We do it because we are eager to serve. We believe not in consuming but in giving.

We have Faith in Sustenance

The reason why we don’t consider profit as our #1 priority because we believe that God who is the Creator of all, including this elegant universe, Who have fashioned this amazing nature and biology, Who have set unbelievable and precise laws even within atoms, electrons and even quantum particles to the finest accuracy that God of Abraham and Moses and Jesus and Muhammad has also arranged our sustenance with matching Care. Humanity today is excessively concerned for what they should eat and what should they wear. We like to live believing otherwise, free of such concern because we have faith in the Sustainer Who Provides and Distribute and Give to all without failing, always.

Whoever relies on Allah (has Tawakkul), He Suffices for him. Truly Allah brings His Command to pass and Allah has set a measure for all things.The Reminder, 65:3
If you trust Allah with right kind of Tawakkul, He will provide you sustenance as He provides for the birds – they go out in the morning with empty stomachs and come back full in the evening.Sacred Tradition

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