5 Tips For White Hat SEO Practice

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You will hear countless of people spew the same stuff – “Content is King!”. While this is true, it doesn’t provide much actionable advice.

SEO is as important as the development of a site. If you have a website that is not optimized for the search engines, you might not get the full benefits out of it. SEO is not very hard, all it takes is unfeigned efforts. If you know the white-hat techniques of optimizing a website, then you can simply do optimize your website for search engine.



White Hat SEO Practice #1:

Refrain from sending the message of tricking search engines to editors. Use SEO as a service to readers who are looking for good content.

White Hat SEO Practice #2:

Do not encourage bloggers to use a frequency that doesn’t allow them to add value to the content. If you’re publishing 10 short, light, uninteresting posts per week, consider making it five in order to make each post better.

White Hat SEO Practice #3:

As a blogger, ask yourself this question everyday, and after every time you publish an article: “Did I help my readers understand something better than before?”

White Hat SEO Practice #4:

Maintain a standard of journalism by creating posts with added value that are relevant to your audience. Don’t write about topics that you have no business writing about, just for the sake of SEO.

White Hat SEO Practice #5:

When aggregating news content, put information in context that original sources fail to do. Don’t let editors copy and paste their lives away; write your own stories.


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